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A Budding Brand: New Website & Brand Identity for Jacksonville Wedding Florist

Creating a new dynamic website & creative brand for our friend J.Lea Florals, a local wedding and event florist, was a great way to cap off the year of 2023. This project was not just about elevating a brand; it was about capturing the essence of her artistry and translating it into a visual identity that resonates with her unique energy and attracts the right clients.

Understanding the Client's Vision

Our journey began with understanding Jessi’s vision for her business, and the emotions she wanted her brand to evoke. Her work is not just about flowers; it's about crafting stories, encapsulating emotions, and creating unforgettable experiences. Our goal was to mirror this philosophy in her brand's visual identity & website.

Crafting a Color Palette

Color is the language of emotion, and selecting the right palette was crucial. With much deliberation and collaboration, together we chose a specific color palette that echoed her artistic flair and passion for floristry. These colors weren't just picked; they were felt, embodying the warmth, vibrancy, and delicate nature of her work. 

We used photos of her previous work and favorite projects to get a starting point for the palette, and tweaked it from there. With color choice for a brand, it is really important to remember a few variables like:

  • Different saturation levels and how that will affect the color integrity 

  • Contrast and Readability in digital and print formats 

  • Color theory - making sure that the colors in your palette are complementary and can be used well together 

Designing a Dynamic and Engaging Website

The centerpiece of our project was developing her website, hosted on Wix. This platform offered us the flexibility to create a site that was as vibrant and dynamic as her floral designs. The website included:

  • Interesting Illustrations: Capturing the essence of her work, these illustrations added a personal touch, making the website feel a little more “Jessi”.

  • Service Information: Detailed descriptions of her services & creative process will provide clarity and entice potential clients, showcasing the range of her expertise and approach to her work

  • Stunning Portfolio Page: A visual feast, the portfolio page was designed to showcase her past works, highlighting the elegance and creativity of each arrangement and the events she has been a part of. 

  • Customer Inquiry Feature: An essential tool for growth, this feature allows her to collect detailed inquiries, making customer engagement simple and efficient. 

The Impact of the Project

This project was more than just a “project”; it was a partnership in creativity and growth! The updated branding and website have not only elevated her online presence but also will help in broadcasting her artistry to a wider audience. 

Our collaboration with J.Lea Florals was a fun and creative journey! By intertwining her floral artistry with our marketing expertise, we helped her brand blossom, just like the beautiful flowers she arranges. As her business continues to grow in downtown Jacksonville and beyond, we are excited to see how her brand evolves, rooted in the vibrant identity we crafted together. 



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