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How It Goes

when you work with Wild Ellis
  • Tell us a little bit more about your entrepreneurial journey and your small business using the form on our contact page. This will let us know you're ready for more information & to set up a call!

  • Every single brand we work with gets our undivided attention on a complimentary consultation call to see if we will be a good fit to work together. During this 30 minutes, we want to hear about your brand, pain points, and begin to offer solutions. 

  • A roadmap is the phase where the outline of your story begins to take shape. Our one-on-one consulting is supportive, relational, and driven by a desire to draw people in to your brand's messaging, so we take special care to map out all of our ideas and your goals to make sure we are all on the same page. You will walk away from this phase with inspiration and a vision of what's to come!

  • The juicy part - where we take all of your goals, ideas, and aspirations and combine with our own to make a practical and strategic approach to your brand's marketing. We outline in detail how we will tell your brand's story and create a magnetic presence for your business online.

  • This is where the action starts - we implement all of the tactics and strategies laid out in the previous phases. You can trust us to carefully, intentionally, and thoughtfully carry out every step of your project.

  • Remember where we mentioned celebrating? This is where that happens! We love reporting back to you to show the growth and results happening as a result of all of our hard work together. Then, you get to celebrate (we'd love to join!)


  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Creative Marketing Strategies

We offer hyrbid support packages a.k.a. you do some, we do some; full service account management, campaign management, and ready-to-go customized marketing strategies.  


  • Brands

  • Websites

  • Marketing Content 

    • Social​ Media

    • Digital

    • Physical Collateral

    • On-Site/Live Content Creation

Whether you need a new brand identity, a custom website to support your business's growth, or content to share your brand's story in as many places as possible - we will creatively bring your vision to life.

Consulting & Coaching

  • Brand & Entrepreneurial Development

  • Business Consulting

As an entrepreneur, you're naturally hands-on and invested in your business. But, you don't know what you just don't know.


This is where coaching and consulting comes in. Let us guide you with our years of experience and honed research skills to create a roadmap towards success for yourself and your brand.

What We Offer

this is not a comprehensive menu of our services, but our most popular. ask if you don't see something you want!
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