Hello there!

University graduate. Daughter of a business owner and serial entrepreneur.

Self – appointed leader in any activity I was put in since 6th grade.

Outspoken. Creative. Driven. Unemployed.

All statements that described me in 2018 when I graduated with my degree in Communications and had  big plans to get a “regular” job.


That was, until I couldn’t get a dang job. Y’all – I went from zero to business owner in 90 days.


After years of freelancing and interning in the digital marketing field, I knew that it was something I really loved. Plus, watching my dad and brothers’ businesses take way too long to succeed because affordable marketing services were virtually non-existent, I knew what I wanted to offer people:


Attainable and approachable brand strategy.


Everyone with a good idea - a dream - should be given the chance and the resources to succeed.

Working with entrepreneurs everyday is the most energizing job I could ever dream up. Facilitating a community that gives back, that raises the standard, that believes in people, is the most exhilarating way I could ever imagine to spend my time.

It’s been a wild ride, but here we are. Now as a brand strategy coach I am proud to be able to offer a curated selection of marketing services and an insanely uplifting community to entrepreneurs.

Welcome to life on the wild side.

 Letters from Grace

Sometimes I need to share in the hopes that someone else feels the same way too. It always makes me feel lighter, like there’s been a release, when I write out how I feel and how I see things. My hope is that you will be able to see yourself in these ramblings and that we can connect over the shared life of being an entrepreneur.

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