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Founder, CEO, Lead Strategist

Grace Pillsbury

After almost a decade in the digital marketing field, Grace now spends the majority of her time coaching and consulting with small business owners, as well as leading all strategy efforts for our clients here at Wild Ellis.

Grace also oversees all web design projects here, as its always been one of the things that she enjoys most about marketing!

An entrepreneur at heart with 3 businesses, she relates intimately to her clients.

Content Creator

Sarah Felker

Sarah is a creative, and fellow entrepreneur. She is a woman of many talents including graphic design, creative marketing, and art & design in the medium of fashion! 

Social Media Specialist & Content Creator

Jemima Fowler

Jem's area of expertise is video/reels, and she loves editing and creating impactful videos to be used on social media.​

She has an extensive portfolio of creative marketing work and brings an intuitive and fresh perspective to our clients' presence online.

Graphic Designer & Social Media Specialist

Maggie Verlander

A creative entrepreneur of 3 years, Maggie enjoys creating in many forms, but is most passionate about design and music. She currently lives in Dallas, TX where she spends her time designing apparel and branding, as well as writing/playing music with her community!

The Wild Team

Want to work with Wild Ellis?

We are always open to meeting and connecting with creative entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for work, or to expand their client base. 

If you are a marketing/communications specialist of any kind, a designer, or content creator, please feel free to send us your resume and a portfolio via email to to inquire about part-time or project-based work opportunities! 

If you are a creative entrepreneur i.e. photographer, graphic designer, event specialist, or the like, and are interested in being one of our preferred partners, send an email to introducing yourself. Please include your website, socials, and a brief description of your best client.

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