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Regard Libations: Website Build

When Audrey, the owner of Regard Libations, came to us we began with monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. One of the things we pride ourselves on is being approachable and flexible for businesses in all life stages. Grace gave her resources and homework to keep the needle moving forward in between sessions and to help her stay focused.

We focused on refining her brand identity, so that all the following steps would be more effective. As a result of digging into her brand strategy and outlining her goals, some changes organically cam

e about:

  • Reworked all bartending packages

  • New minimums/ Raised rates to increase profit margins

  • Eliminated confusing or redundant elements

  • Prioritized customer experience

  • Hired new team members

  • Reworked client materials

  • Set BIG goals for 2022

  • Double the amount events as 2021

  • Opened up to exploring more nonprofit partnerships

After all these things started happening it was a lot easier to focus on the steps they needed to take to increase brand awareness & brand equity. Then, we got moving on the new website…

The website design started with a thorough questionnaire to determine what features were really needed on the site. This helped us determine the most strategic platform for the website & let us provide an informed and accurate quote for the project.

Audrey shared her creative inspiration & brand inspiration with us so we could see what she loved. This step helped us design elements on her site that felt authentic. Then we consolidated her subscriptions to different domain & web providers to save money and streamline things.

The pre-existing logo was not fully functional for digital use, so we designed a new, complementary typographic logo for a broader use.

We created a website that
  • tells their brand story

  • focuses on their ideal client

  • offers clear packages

  • highlights the excellence and the caliber of the brand

  • easy for site visitors to take action on the site & inquire

After the website was completed and launched, in January of 2022, we saw great success from the project. Audrey, the owner of Regard Libations finally feels like she has a destination to confidently send her clients that reflects the experience they will receive when they hire Regard Libations. They received a new inquiry for their highest ticket bartending package within 5 days of site launch! + ​A 5 star Google Review from the client:

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