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Nonprofit Website Design

When the incredible nonprofit Rehoboth Ministries International approached us about building them a new website, we instantly knew we'd be taking on the project.

Their mission is close to our heart and we are passionate about partnering with organizations whose vision aligns with ours. It was a privilege to work with their team to create this stunning and functional website.

Project Goals for Website:
  1. Be a place for donors and potential partners to learn all about the organization

  2. Provide easy and clear donation opportunities

  3. Showcase the beauty and diversity of their work in India

How We Accomplished Those Goals:
  1. Mapped out a simple and clear layout for the website so each project had its own page with specific information, photos and CTAs.

  2. Linked donate buttons on their site directly to giving platforms and made sure that their Transparent Giving Status and policies were easily accessible to donors.

  3. Designed the site to be image-heavy with lots of opportunities for the visitors to explore and learn more, including a blog feature for their newsletter updates.

We also created a new, simple logo that would be clear to not only donors in the US, but to their global audience as well.

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