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Marketing vs. Management: Which Is Best?

Long gone are the days where a brand could be known simply from a slot in the paper, a TV ad, or even a billboard. Like it or not, social media is the new standard when it comes to digital marketing and brand presence.

Not only is social media effective, but your clients have come to expect it, and your brand does exist to serve its audience. There’s no opting out of using social media now, so what exactly do your clients expect?

the basics:


Simply uploading an occasional graphic isn’t enough to build a reliable and inclusive presence for your clients.

Accurate and Up to Date

Are your hours, website, and contact info correct?

Aesthetically excellent

The bad news: a random, unintentional style isn’t going to flow when it comes to your socials. The good news: an aesthetic is relatively easily manufactured and maintained, and it can be created to suit both your preferences and your audience’s.



How easily can a current or potential client find your account or get in contact with you? Your social media is meant to bridge the gap and put your brand within reach.


Your clients should be able to learn most of what they need to know about your business visiting your profile. This information can be in your bio, saved in your highlights, or presented in your feed content.


What draws the audience close is feeling connected, seen, and heard by you. They should feel like they really are able to get to know your brand on social media, as well as seeing professional and curated content.


Social media is one of the most available tools to use to get your brand in front of your ideal audience. You should be talking about your products, selling your offers, and communicating clearly to your followers how you can improve their life.

Management vs. Marketing

First of all, let’s clarify that one is not better than the other. Each serves a different purpose by crafting and fulfilling particular goals that are specific to your brand, presence, and mission.

Want to understand which would be most beneficial to your brand and best cater to your audience? Keep reading.


  • Maintaining brand image & reputation on digital platforms

  • Updating important information on your profiles and pages

  • Replying to customers’ comments and messages

  • Sharing reviews and recommendations

  • Providing periodic updates & reporting on performance


  • Maintaining brand image via logo, up to date photos, services, etc.

  • Updating important information

  • Replying to customers

  • Sharing reviews and recommendations

  • Posting on a schedule

  • Creating customized content to promote services and products

  • Engaging daily with audience online

  • Driving sales through content and stories

  • Providing consistent & updated strategy

  • Monthly reporting on performance, sales, growth, etc.

which is right for your business?

Social Media Management might be a good choice for you if …

  • You are too busy running your business to post on social media

  • You don’t have a team member to handle your online presence appropriately

  • Brand Image is important to your business’ credibility

  • Your audience is on social media & will utilize it to get information about your business

  • You want to have a well-rounded brand presence online to boost credibility

Social Media Marketing might be a good choice for you if ….

  • You know your audience and customers are on social media regularly

  • Your too busy to consistently post and engage with your audience online

  • Leads and potential sales are being missed due to your brand’s absence on social media

  • You know your brand needs to be on social media regularly to stay relevant with your target audience

  • Monthly Data, CTR, and reporting on insights are key to product and service development

  • Social Media presence and activity will build your brand equity with your ideal client and network.

Wild Ellis is here to help you navigate the many choices you have to make as a business owner. We want to give you the tools to make clear decisions that will lead to your success. Our team of strategists and consultants are here every step of the way as you decide the best marketing strategy for you.

Wild Ellis offers a curated selection of marketing services and an insanely uplifting community for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our private consulting services guide brands into sustainable and healthy growth.

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