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Is It Time To Outsource?

Let’s set the scene …

You started a business a while ago. It's going okay, but now that you’re in a little deeper, the new-ness and shininess has started to wear off a little bit.

With that tarnishing shine comes a few other emotions and experiences, like … losing motivation, a shortened attention span for things you used to love, and even mood changes like frustration and abnormal fatigue.

You’re used to doing it all. You wear many hats, which has always been necessary.

But now, you’re not just worried about getting everything done and serving your customers - you’re worried about yourself.

Your personal life will start to suffer if you remain stressed and overwhelmed. That’s not fair to you or any of the important people in your life.

This is when you know it’s time to outsource some of the work.

But, deciding to outsource or hire help can also create a new dilemma . . .

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are (understandably) afraid to delegate. It feels like no one can do it like you can, and how could you possibly begin to find someone who you can trust with your precious business?

I want to address some of the worries head on, because I want you to find success. You need to be able to scale and grow sustainably, and outsourcing will be a part of that journey.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

The Fear

  • The unknown is super freakin’ scary

  • Your comfort zone is, well, comfy.

  • Talk to your support system & ask them to remind you of how amazing and capable you are.

  • Remember the big Dream.

The Lie: “No one can do it like I can”

  • Of course they can’t, you’re one of a kind

  • Find someone who has a heart and soul you appreciate

  • If they can do it to 70% of your capability, and have integrity, you can train them the other 30%

  • Manage expectations, on yourself and this new person to your team

The Hunt:

  • Start looking for help within your personal sphere of influence

  • Use social media to get the ball rolling

  • Communicate exactly what you want

  • Manage expectations

The Job: What to outsource first?

  • Figure out what is taking you the most time that is also NOT your highest earning task

  • Identify what you are best at that makes you the most money - then make a list of tasks that keep you from those things

  • That list is where you start

  • Start small, and gradually grow the list of outsourced tasks as you get more confident

Ultimately, the decision to bring help alongside you in your business is a big one. It takes a lot of thought and preparation. It can also make a world of difference in the growth of your business!

If you think you might be ready to think about outsourcing in your small business, but you need some guidance, that’s why we’re here.

Wild Ellis offers a curated selection of marketing services and an insanely uplifting community for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our private consulting services guide brands into sustainable and healthy growth.

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