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everything starts with a story

You know that friend who starts telling a story at the party, and then goes on … and on …

We all have that friend and here’s the thing - the only (well, maybe not the only) - reason it’s annoying is because we want to engage in the conversation.

When an individual or organization shares something, it's natural that their audience will want to interact and respond. When that interaction can’t happen, it creates tension and the listener gets the urge to check out and move on to something else.

don’t be that guy...

Brands can also find themselves in this awkward position. It can be easy to slip into rambling, going on and on, and focusing too much on your brand.

To avoid being “that guy”, there are a few steps you can take to enrich your brand’s narrative.

First, craft a rich story with intention so you can create opportunities for your audience to respond.

how to engage your audience

  1. Give clues that there will be an opening for them to join the conversation

  2. Keep it focused on their needs

  3. Provide a solution to their need(s)

  4. Clearly tell them how to find the solution & engage with the narrative you’ve invited them into

By following all the steps above in an effort to engage your audience, you will organically build out the basic formula for the story of your brand.

your brand has a story

The idea of a brand having a “story” might be new to some business owners, but it’s actually a super helpful way to talk about your brand in a way that keeps your customers interested.

Thinking of your brand’s marketing in terms of telling a story can help you be more confident in your messaging. It will give you a framework - a “script” of sorts - to follow when writing your content. A script will keep you focused and ultimately, will make your

marketing more effective.

do you know your brand’s story?

To be able to tell your story well, you have to know it forwards and backwards.

You have to feel confident telling your story, or your customers are not going to listen.

For more guidance and a detailed look at telling a brand story, visit the StoryBrand website & read their amazing book.

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