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Daughter's Barn: Rebrand

Overview of this rebrand project:

  • New logo design

  • 2 sub logo designs

  • New color palette and font family

  • Business card design

  • Website update

  • Collateral Updates

Daughters Barn was founded in 2017 in Folkston, GA and is a wedding venue created out of an overflow of love for a daughter. Wendy and Armando hand-built this amish-style barn in 2017 for their daughters wedding when she could not find the perfect venue for her upcoming wedding.

Since then, it has been the setting for hundreds of couples who have found the quiet and dreamy atmosphere of the barn in the marriage capital of the country perfect for their own weddings.

We met and started working with Wendy back in 2019 and it’s been a total blast ever since! Wendy is a joy to work with and is a truly passionate business owner and woman. She is supportive, proud of her community and always looking to connect other women in business.

As her business has grown, it's been our honor to be along for the ride and offer expertise and support with brand strategy, customer experience, marketing collateral and more.

When Wendy sponsored a community event earlier this year, they had a dilemma with a large printed banner. It was every business owner's nightmare - no one could READ the name of the business on the banner when it was blown up so large. :/

So, we immediately got to work on a new concept that would not only be more versatile in use, but also make an impact in all sizes. We wanted to make sure that the new design and brand image was representative of the growth of the venue and would also work with her for the future.

Phase 1:

Gathered inspiration from the client and decided which concept to pursue with the illustrator. We also identified all the many purposes and uses she wanted the new designs to work for, like Tshirts, business cards, banners, cups, and more.

We designed a watercolor illustration based on an image of the barn combined with a font style that was modern and clean, but still had some southern charm.

We also created 2 different alternate logos that are text only, that can be used in color, black or white. These will be great for things like business cards, baseball caps, etc. because they’re so easy to read! ;)

Phase 2:

Sent drafts to the client for approval, made final changes and finalized all the other elements of the brand.

Phase 3:

Delivered logo files, brand board, and brand usage guide to client. We also updated all of their branded collateral, marketing materials and website as well.

Lastly, we designed a new business card for Wendy that showcased the barn and the new logo.

Overall, this project was a joy to complete. Working with an existing client on expanding and developing their brand is a privilege we don’t take lightly! Now, Daughter’s Barn has a vibrant and eye-catching logo design that’s versatile, clear and elevated.

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