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A Blossoming Brand: Website Design for Honey Event Co

The evolution of Honey Picnic Co into Honey Event Co was a fun, exciting and beautiful project to be a part of! The founder and head designer at Honey Event Co, Rachel, has been a long-time friend and supporter of Wild Ellis.

When she reached out to us to discuss rebuilding her website, we were honored and excited to help take the business closer to its potential! Keep reading for a quick overview of this groovy website design and brand revamp project.

The main goal for this website was to clearly showcase the variety and caliber of services available with Honey Event Co. The brand had evolved and grown since its inception, and Rachel wanted to make sure that her audience knew exactly what she could do for them.

We gathered inspiration and made a list of features the site had to offer, both for functionality and for beauty:

  • Clear picnic/event package options

  • Tons of high quality images

  • Detailed inquiry / booking forms

  • Personality

  • Easy navigation

Phase 1:

We had our Initial Consult and started her working on our signature Brand DNA Curriculum to help her really define the nitty gritty aspects of her brand identity. This curriculum helped us develop the brand strategy, building on what she had learned and accomplished since starting her business.

Then, we gathered loads of inspiration for the site, identified her nonnegotiable elements, and began to really put together a solid outline for her website.

Phase 2:

We met for 1-1 coaching where we focused on building up her brand story, as well as identifying her ideal client segments, brand values, goals, etc. We also worked together and looked at all her home work from the Brand DNA work to finalize the new brand strategy.

This set Rachel up for success to choose a brand designer that she could be confident would deliver the end result we wanted. She was able to communicate the needs and goals for the brand as a result of the work we did together.

During this time she picked the new brand name, planned a brand photoshoot and the creative side really started to come to life.

Phase 4:

While all of this was happening, our team began the site buildout on Wix. We chose a structure that would make it easy for us to include all the elements and moving pieces Rachel really needed and wanted.

After receiving Rachel's site revisions, we finished the written copy, the SEO, updated all new brand collateral & colors, connected her new domain name, and setup the new business email address.

Phase 5:

Completion! Woohoo!!!! This is always the fun part. Delivering the site to the client and seeing them share it with the world is the best.

This was a highly collaborative project, and we were able to communicate a lot with Rachel throughout to make sure all the final details were coming together how she imagined.

Our team will be here over the coming months to not only support Honey Event Co. as a brand, but also to maintain the website and ensure that everything continues to function as it should!

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