Bloom Flower Truck

brand launch & coaching

Lindsey came to us in early fall of 2021 with an idea and lots of passion about bringing her concept of a flower truck and DIY flower bar to the city of Jacksonville, Florida. She had her inspiration, a plain truck on its way to Florida, and an idea of when she wanted to launch. 
We were excited & honored when she asked us to not only create a brand strategy for Bloom, but also guide her through the process of starting and launching her business. We left that first coffee meeting with tons of notes & a smile on our faces! 
So let’s take a closer look at the process of taking this business from an idea with a logo & plain white Kei truck to a full-bloomed flower truck and brand (pun TOTALLY intended)! 
Lindsey reached out to us via Instagram, and we chatted about how Wild Ellis could potentially help her in her endeavor. Even though she wasn’t ready yet, we started the conversation early and when she was ready to meet, Grace had already been able to do some research and prepare for the meeting. 

We met for coffee, got to know each other, and began to map out what it would look like to develop and launch the business together. We created a proposal for her to look over that included everything from start to finish. 

Once we established the launch plan & timeline, we started outlining action steps for Lindsey and also for our team, so we could work together & be on the same page. 

A big part of this process was meeting & talking consistently with Lindsey to establish our relationship & keep the needle moving forward on the brand building. Establishing a solid brand strategy and coaching someone through the process of becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of time invested into the relationship. 
We immediately started Lindsey working on our signature “Build A Classic Brand” process to establish her brand’s strategy and identity. This step was vital to building the foundation she needed in order to not only launch, but grow. Without a brand strategy, it is virtually impossible to move forward effectively with any other element of the business! 
Grace & Lindsey worked together to make a Brand Identity Plan to leverage the logo she had already invested in. We wanted to be mindful of her budget as a start-up, so decided to insure that the logo she had would be able to support the brand for at least the launch season. New logos can always be created after a business is established, as long as you know your brand’s identity and values and keep those in mind. 
In her coaching sessions, Grace identified Lindsey’s strengths & opportunities for growth as a business owner to make a start-up and launch plan that would allow Lindsey to make the most of her free time, and our time as an agency working on the brand. 
  • Established Brand Strategy & Brand Identity
  • Consistent Meeting & Chatting throughout the process 
  • Mapped out marketing strategies & goals 
  • Planned & Coordinated Brand Photography 
The Build A Classic Brand work started to give us a framework for what Bloom would be in reality, and how the brand would serve their customers. As the brand story became clearer, our team started outlining the website. 
  • Set website launch date 
  • Created outline for site 
  • Gathered design inspo from Lindsey & other flower trucks around the country
  • Wild Ellis started working on the website while simultaneously building buzz on social media and growing the email list
We had to build out a comprehensive marketing plan for Bloom, but while we did that, we wanted the name to start to get some visibility. We also wanted Lindsey to be able to start networking with other businesses, and sharing her new venture as “coming soon” online. 
  • Created Google My Business Listing 
  • Made list of all Jacksonville events and popup opportunities in 2022
    • Identified valid opportunities
    • Reached out to potential partners / collaborators 
  • Posted consistently on social media to start to gain brand awareness 
    • On social: consistent graphics & imagery, shared brand messaging 
    • Posted to stories daily 
    • Created reels 
  • Grew email list with incentives and consistent CTA’s 
    • Used landing page on website in progress to gather more leads 
  • Started Planning the Soft Launch 
  • Identified potential partnerships and opportunities for launch season 
  • Guided Lindsey through reaching out and building relationships in the small business community 
  • Ran multiple FB & IG ads for pre-launch and launch phases to boost brand awareness & website clicks
At this point, launch day is in sight. We were gearing up for the soft launch and the truck was getting the finishing touches on all the custom fabrication. Lindsey & Grace were still meeting consistently for coaching and consulting throughout all of these phases. 
  • Scheduled Brand Photoshoot 
    • Offered creative direction & support
    • Present throughout entire shoot 
  • Helped plan and coached through soft-launch event
    • Created promo graphics 
    • On-site support during event 
  • Offering guidance through planning of launch events, communication with other vendors, flower ordering, promotion, etc. 
  • Offered insight on customization of the truck
  • Launched the completed website 
  • Offered on-site support during launch event 
  • Created pricing information, packages, and customer-facing collateral for bookings  
The launch of Bloom was a huge freakin’ success & we were honored to be even a small part of it! The debut event was hosted by 904HappyHour and Bloom was happy to serve hundreds of customers at their first official, public event. 
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 3.48.27 PM.png
When a brand launches and your business gets successful, Wild Ellis does not simply fade into the background and wish you well. Our team is dedicated to  seeing women in business not only succeed, but thrive. We want healthy, female-owned, small businesses to be the standard of good business in Jacksonville.
So, what does this look like now that Bloom is officially in business? It looks like our team, and Grace as a coach, being there whenever needed. 
  • Monthly Meetings 
  • Ongoing Support in the areas of:
    • Google Business / SEO 
    • Website Maintenance & Updates
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Advertising 
    • Development & Growth
Brand Coaching is, ideally, a long-term relationship. We have loved being able to walk with Lindsey, a powerhouse woman, from the very beginning of this journey. Our agency is small, and hyper-focused on serving hard-working female business owners. We are passionate about our clients’ success and will do whatever it takes to empower them to reach their goals. 
If you are looking for an agency that has a relationship centered approach to helping you start your own business, we want to talk to you! Maybe you already have a business, and are craving some personal & practical support. Reach out, because coaching could be a good fit for you. 

Wild Ellis offers highly customized social media marketing and brand consulting for female-owned small businesses. 

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